Caridad Ondina León: In memorium

Caridad Ondina León de Lima (Madrid, España, c. 1972).

On Mother’s Day a gift from mom to the world: Flan Ondina (Miami Beach, FLA, August, 2000):

Latest iteration by Lidia Radi (November 21, 2012). Whoa!

 Also by Lidia Radi, lighter carmel version. The carmalization is the hardest part! (November 12, 2011)

My aunt, Troadia Felicia León de Gutiérrez, made me birthday flan knowing it was the best gift ever for my sweet tooth, next to spending time with her, of course (January, 2009). Tía always rocked the flan; she learned the recipe from mom and shared the love on special occasions. This one was the last one we got to share together and one of the last memories I have of her before she passed away. 

Caridad Ondina León: In memorium