Virginia Tech School Shooting Worst in U.S. History

Washington Post, 32 Killed in Virginia Tech Shootings, At Least 24 Injured

[…] “Wayne Neu, a professor of ocean engineering, was in his office across from Norris Hall when he heard shots, including what sounded like a police shotgun. ‘I saw one faculty member who was shot in the arm apparently being led away,’ he said. ‘I’ve been here 25 years I’ve never seen something like this happen.’

Matteo del Ninno, a junior from Alexandria, had overslept and was rushing to his 10:10 a.m. class in Norris 200, when his girlfriend text-messaged him to see if he was OK. He hadn’t heard anything about shootings but noticed the ambulances around; after her warning he went back to his house next to campus and checked all his messages. He’s worried about his friends, engineering students who always meet before class in the hall.” […]

Time-line from College Media/Collegiate Times

Virginia Tech School Shooting Worst in U.S. History