Out of the FOX Hole on Friday Night: Ann Coulter, a.k.a. "Coultergeist," Calls Edwards a "faggot" at 2 March CPAC

Would she use the “N” word to describe Obama? Sen. John Edwards (D, N.C.), not a favorite of anybody interesting I know, and a lame heteronormalizer if there ever was one (“Our children are the future…”), is suddenly Queer through democratic association.

Since Edwards is seemingly waiting to hear what the appropriate response should be to hate speech, we have to count on the good graces of the HRC. John Amaechi, HRC’s Coming Out Project spokesperson, speaks to Coulter’s prodigious inability to say anything worth writing, reading or listening to — unless, of course, it’s “provocative.”

“Hello, I’m John Amaechi, a spokesman for the Human Rights Campaign Coming Out Project. “Yesterday, Ann Coulter, in a speech before the Conservative Political Action Committee, used the ‘F’ word that has long been used as a hateful and harmful slur against gay people.
“I have worked as a youth mentor since I was in college, and in the weeks since I publicly came out I have heard from young people from all over the globe. Coming out and living openly can be challenging – and that challenge only grows when people like Ann Coulter mockingly use it as a cheap joke.

“Words have power – and this word in particular has a ricochet effect, as it emboldens bullies in the school yard, in the work place, and on the streets, and tells them that this kind of hate speech is ok.

“Ann Coulter knows better, yet continues to disparage the GLBT community. The people in the room with her yesterday would do well to speak out loudly against her remarks and more importantly her sentiment and send a message that harmful slurs never have a place in the public discourse.”

I think I’m liking this guy a lot more.

Out of the FOX Hole on Friday Night: Ann Coulter, a.k.a. "Coultergeist," Calls Edwards a "faggot" at 2 March CPAC