Birther Movement Redux: Obama as Undocumented Worker?

Procedural Guffaw Allows for Rehearing of Birther Movement Claims

The Supreme Court has confirmed that it has distributed a petition for rehearing in the case brought by attorney John Hemenway on behalf of retired Col. Gregory Hollister who challenged President Obama’s eligibility to serve as President. It will be the subject of a chamber conference on March 4.

In January the Supreme Court denied, without comment, a request for a hearing on the arguments. But the attorney at the time had submitted a motion for Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, who were appointed by President Obama, to recuse themselves. The Supreme Court acknowledged the “motion for recusal” but it changed it on official docketing pages to a “request.” And it reportedly failed to respond to the motion. Hemenway’s request for a rehearing noted this alleged “procedural violation” by the Court.

In essence, the claim proposes that the court recognize that President Obama is an “undocumented” worker. The rehearing will likely go nowhere but will continue to fuel the racism that now requires even the President to occupy the space of the abject, the undocumented. Lázaro Lima

Birther Movement Redux: Obama as Undocumented Worker?