March 5-6, 2008

NEA Headquarters
1201 16th Street NW
Washington, DC

The NCLR National Issue Briefing and Advocacy Day is an opportunity for you to work with other Latino community organizations in holding your elected officials accountable for and responsive to the needs of the Latino community in the United States, and for all Americans. Come to our nation’s capital to strengthen the policies concerning health care, educational opportunities, economic mobility, criminal justice, and comprehensive immigration reform. More specific issue areas will be available mid-January.

Click here for registration

* More than 250 participants from 28 states
* 90 meetings conducted with elected officials
* 21 youth groups represented

NCLR has a select number of discounted Capital Awards tickets available for Advocacy Day Participants. If you are interested in reserving your ticket please contact Christian Lozano at (202) 785-1670.


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