Free Shaquanda Cotton

Shaquanda Cotton, a 14-year-old African American student, was “convicted” and sent to a youth prison for up to 7 years for shoving a hall monitor at her high school in Paris, Texas. The same judge, Chuck Superville, then convicted a 14-year-old white girl of arson for burning down her family’s house. Her sentence? Probation.

See Howard Witt’s piece here.

A blog has been set up on Shaquanda’s behalf: Shaquanda’s Blog.

Free Shaquanda Cotton

One thought on “Free Shaquanda Cotton

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is to show you that RACISM still exist. WHITE People get away with EVEREYTHING, Don’t ever forget that!!! This is a WHITE MAN’S World. But we as Black people need to come together and stick together. I have your back and I will get as many people as I can to come together as one and Fight this battle. My heart pours out to you. Keep your Head up and Pray. God is Real just trust him and Beleive in Him and he’ll see you through. I’ll be Praying and staying in touch.

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